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Desktop UI Widget Directory

Showcasing JavaScript Desktop UI widgets from the most common UI frameworks and bootstraps with a few random framework agnostic one-off widgets mixed in. Categories by GUI widget name.

Original concept from cody lindley of TandemSeven. Viewer crafted by cody lindley using Kendo UI, a pinch of Twitter Bootstrap, the much loved JSfiddle, and some hash routing from flatiron director.

Currently contains:

Framework/Library: Version: Status: JsFiddle contributions from:
Kendo UI v2012.1.515 Complete cody lindley of TandemSeven
YUI 3 3.6.0pr1 (build 5195) In Progress mundi morgado of TandemSeven
Ext JS 4.0.7 In Progress nick cooley of TandemSeven
jQuery UI 1.8.21 Complete cody lindley of TandemSeven
Wijmo 2.1.3 In Progress cody lindley of TandemSeven
Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.4 In Progress nathan logan of TandemSeven
Dojo Dijits 1.7.2 In Progress cody lindley of TandemSeven
Chico UI
HTML 5 HTML5 W3C Working Draft 24 June 2010 Complete cody lindley of TandemSeven
Alloy UI v1.0.1 In Progress dean jennings of TandemSeven


Click the gear in the bottom left to configure how the JS fiddle is displayed by default.


If you'd like to add a widget or variation of a widget (e.g. a highly configured version of a widget that is already in the lib.) or contribute in any way drop me a line clindley[that a thing]tandemseven.com

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